1st Commercial is a division of Altod Corporation #C0911396 and is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate #01484655

Commercial Real Estate Loans

1st Commercialsince 1979

1st COMMERCIAL, a dba of Altod Corporation, has been providing fast creative financing to professional real estate investors for over 35 years. Our longevity and track record speaks for itself:  Proven - Fast - Direct - No Up Front Fees -

1st COMMERCIAL manages private investor Portfolio Trust Deed Investments and is a Direct Lender.

1st COMMERCIAL'S common sense underwriting is only half the work, mitigating potential snags so your loan can close is the other half, and that is what 1st Commercial is known for; closing loans.

There are many ways to stack lending capital, 1st COMMERCIAL does not pool it's investors. 1st COMMERCIAL'S  single investor approach is far more efficient. Don't Trust your real estate transaction to an unknown lender. Contact 1st COMMERCIAL today.